Staying Connected in College

As this year’s Senior Class plans to move off to college, close knit friend groups now must face the reality that everyone else will be hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from each other. Moving away from what you know is tough, but as each generation becomes more intertwined with technology, it does become easier than ever to remain close (albeit digitally).

While technology has been able to bring people closer for years, the means in which we go about utilizing technology to do so change with time. From email, to instant messaging, to social media, our specific internet-bound medium of choice is constantly changing. I decided to talk to some graduating members of the Harvard-Westlake community to get a sense of how connected they planned to be to their soon to be alumni peers, and what, if any, services they would use.

Eli Adler, ‘18, will be attending UPenn next year, and will be in a different city from many of his close friends. When asked about how connected he wants to be with his friends, he told Innovare that he would try as hard as possible to keep in touch. “I know I am going to be far from my long time friends, but I am going to be online with them all the time, and I will make sure to follow most of my friends on Facebook and Instagram, and try to FaceTime my close friends regularly.”

Adler acknowledges that people in his younger generation are using Facebook and Instagram less as tools for real connection and more as platforms to show off. As such, people are switching to use more personal forms of technology, such as Snapchat and video calling.

However, regardless of how good the technology becomes, Adler and his fellow peers of the graduating still seem to all agree that nothing is as good as the real thing.

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